Here to learn?




We were established in 2016 with the idea of bringing everyone a case that fits their exact need. Being family, we knew we had to put all our efforts into creating the extended family vibe for all our customers - and this meant getting our customer service right 100% of the time. Since 2016 we have grown a valued customer base - and we are luckily enough that those customers choose us, over and over and we are super grateful of that. 

Also, with the fact that most people here at SEL are very clumsy - we knew our tough range had to sustain a lot of drops - and I mean a lot! We pride ourselves on having one of the best tough ranges which means our cases last a very long time. 

Thank you for choosing to learn about us - if you have anything you would like to chat to us about send us over an email or a dm on insta and we will be sure to help you out. 

Lots of Love, SEL x